Get the best returns and safely secure your future.

Spartan Ives Wealth’s retirement trust account was created to help you:

  • Reach your goals faster.
  • Earn a fixed annual interest rate.
  • Safely save and invest for the future.
  •  Plan for the future.
  • Retire comfortably
  • Set yourself up for a financially stable future.
Retirement Trust Explained

Spartan Ives Wealth's Retirement Trust Account allows investors to invest a single lump sum in a Spartan Ives Wealth retirement fund.

Wondering why you must open a Spartan Ives Wealth Retirement Trust Account?.

Our retirement trust account caters for individuals who want to jump-start their retirement saving securely and safely.

Spartan Ives Wealth’s RA department specialises in helping people prepare and implement sound, reliable retirement plans.

As a global firm our retirement and saving products are created to consider your assets, liabilities, current income, cash flow needs in retirement, taxation and more, which is why our retirement trust account offers you maximized benefits and a safe way to grow your retirement funds safer than traditional portfolios.

  • Earn a fixed annual rate.
  • Get your initial capital doubled every 5 years ( E.g If you create a nest egg that is funded with $50 000 every 5th Spartan Ives Wealth with add $50 000 to your account and this amount is separate from your annual interest rate.
  • The full value of your account balance is paid out when your reach the age of 60 or 65 in other countries.

NB: Your 5th-year capital match benefit is only paid out when your account fully matures when you reach the age of 60.

If you withdraw your funds before the maturity date you will only receive your initial deposit and earned interest.

Minimum investment amount:   
  • $50,000 or ( £50,000, €50 000, AUD50,000, SGD50,000, ZAR250,000 )

It's never too early or too to plan for retirement, Grt the best retirement account
in the world

To open a Spartan Ives Wealth Retirement Account, kindly click on the button below.

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