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Our Investment philosophy and  investment activities operate according to the unifying philosophy that is based on 3 major principles which are follows:

  • Consistency

  • Efficiency
  • Specialization

Our Investment Approach and Philosophy is Built On 3 Principles

It is our belief that a superior record is best built on a high batting average rather than a mix of brilliant successes and dismal failures.

Skill and hard work can lead to various untapped advantages, that can lead to superior investment results. But we do not believe this can occur in so-called efficient markets, where large numbers of participants share roughly equal access to information and act in an unbiased fashion to incorporate that information into asset prices. We believe there are less efficient markets in which dispassionate application of skill and effort should pay off for our clients, and it is only in such markets that we invest.

Specialization offers the surest path to the results we, and our clients, seek. Thus, we insist that each of our portfolios do just one thing — practice a single investment specialty — and do it absolutely as well as it can be done. We establish the charter for each investment specialty as explicitly as possible and do not deviate. In this way, there are no surprises; our actions and performance always follow directly from the job we’re hired to do. The availability of specialized portfolios enables Spartan Ives Wealth clients interested in a single asset class to get exactly what they want; clients interested in more than one class can combine our portfolios for the mix they desire.

“We believe that effective corporate governance is an important aspect in every company and should be one of the pillars that guide Spartan Ives Wealth’s long-term success and  sustainability, this will not only guide us to sustainable growth but it will also translate in to good returns for our clients.!”

- Thomas Jay Ellis

Spartan Ives Group CEO
Investment Philosophy
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