Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

We offer a complete range of customized solutions, with varying risk/reward profiles. Alongside our investment advice and tailored services for enhanced reporting and transparency.

Institutional Investor

An institutional investor is a company or organization that invests money on behalf of clients or members. Hedge funds, mutual funds, and endowments are examples of institutional investors.

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Spartan Ives Wealth Institutional

At Spartan Ives Wealth we have been assisting and supporting institutional investors since 2017.

Our clients include endowments, foundations, family offices, corporations, or entities who are looking for investment options and custom solutions to adequately fund investment and corporate retirement plans as well as manage their wealth adequately.

Our service pillars are

Insight and Research

From market commentary and investing ideas to financial planning and practice management engadgement.

Portfolio Construction

Actionable insights and diagnostic tools you can use right now to help you build more effective portfolios.


We do this by offering you a choice of investment products and solutions, including mutual funds, ETFs, SMAs, and retirement plans, to support your clients’ evolving needs and the ever changing financial landscape.


our extensive streamlined combination of products, technologies, and resources anywhere else. At Spartan Ives Wealth Institutional our priority is to help you take your business further.

Our management platform integrates planning, advisory tools, managed accounts,  custodial, and third-party products and services in one seamless solution.

Our Team helps institutional investors deconstruct the complicated world around us to create a framework for the future. Learn to leverage the forces of change in the wealth and investment management industry to help you drive exponential progress for your firm and deepen your relationships with clients.



At Spartan Ives Wealth, we understand the impact that new regulations and market volatility can have on our life and general insurance partners. We believe these institutions are increasingly open to exploring new opportunities, and our experience can help manage this unique challenge of what we call ‘the need for asymmetric return profiles’; by targeting a strong upside with a dedicated focus on downside risks.


Defined benefit and defined contribution schemes are at an important junction. Low-interest rates, demographic changes and unclear economic growth continues to offer challenges.

The importance of cost management and integrating responsible investing is also gaining momentum from both a regulatory and member perspective.

At Spartan Ives Wealth, we recognise these challenges and believe our product range, alongside our expertise, can help pension schemes.



With over 50 years of collective experience, we at Spartan Ives Wealth continue to successfully help our partners invest for the long term. We appreciate the importance of providing investors with a high level of bespoke investment advice for the best possible service. Our heritage and boutique size offers a wealth of experience and the agility to help our partners weather downturns, endure bull markets and withstand crises. 


We partner with global and local investment consultants to provide the focused support on behalf of their clients. Whether it is product research, market insights or our latest thought leadership, we strive to provide an informative experience to empower consultants to better serve their clients’ needs.



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