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Spartan Ives Wealth’s Global Investment Account is a fixed-term investment account that offers investors from around the world an opportunity to invest a once-off amount starting from just $1000 to $10 Million for a fixed term from 6 to 36 months.

Global Investment Account Explained

What is a Global Account

Spartan Ives Wealth's Global Investment Account is a term investment account that is open to individual and corporate investors from around the world.
If you are looking for an investment account that offers steady growth, capital protection and great returns that continually grow, then this account this great for you.


Our Global Investment Account is open to all individual and institutional investors who are looking to invest any amount from $1000 to $10 Million.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Term Account

The Spartan Ives Wealth Global Investment Account offers investors a flexible investment term from 6 to 36 months, so if you are looking for an account to save or invest a once-off amount for the future, education, or inheritance for your kids, then this account is suited to your needs.

Capital Protection

Spartan Ives Wealth's Global Investment Account offers CapGuard™, CapGuard is a Capital Protection policy offered by Spartan Ives Insurance, this functions as a policy that protects your capital from loss or depreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The minimum required investment amount for individual investors is $1000 or ( £1000, €1000, AUD1000, SGD1000, ZAR20000) and $1 Million for institutional investors, parastatals or corporates.

Spartan Ives Wealth’s base currency is USD, but your account can be held in the currency of your choice.

Spartan Ives Wealth has an  Inflation Protection Fund that seeks to provide investors with current income and protect principal from loss of purchasing power due to inflation.

This fund holds a combination of U.S. and foreign fixed income securities and also invests in commodity futures contracts and holds senior secured loans.

The minumum allowed term is 6 months.

What You Get

Guaranteed Capital

No Risk. Your original deposit and quoted returns are 100% guaranteed.

Fixed Rate

Earn a fixed monthly interest rate of 15%.

Preferancial Rate

Get preferential rates on investments if you are 50 years or older.

Investment Top up

Add aditional money to your account anytime you want.


Withdraw all your funds, Reinvest or transfer your interest to another Spartan Ives Wealth account upon maturity.

Inflation Protector

Backed by the Spartan Ives Wealth Inflation protector fund, your investment is protected from base currency inflation.

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