Spartan Ives Wealth Future Save Account

Spartan Ives Wealth’s FutureSave Account, lets you maximise your savings and reach your goals with an account that offers you the best of both worlds. Get the benefits of an investment account with the growth and safety of an savings account. 

Protect Your Future With Spartan Ives Wealth's Future Save Account

Spartan Ives Wealth’s FutureSave account gives investors a safe way to put away a fixed amount of money each month.

  • Keeping money in one place, like a bank or checking account, may seem like the best and easiest option for you and a convenient way to manage your cash. But putting some of that money into a savings account can help you set some cash aside — and put your money to work for you by earning interest, not only will your funds grow each month by the same amount you put in, but you will also earn a healthy 10% annual interest on your monthly contribution each year.
  • At the end of your investment( saving) term or when you decide to withdraw your funds you will receive your initial principal balance plus the interest earned over the investment period 


  • Reach your life goals faster.
  • Put away what you can afford.
  • Choose how long you want to save.
  • Grow your savings with one of the best interest rates in the world.
  • Save from anywhere in the world.
  • Save a fixed amount for as long as you want.
  • No admin or management fees.
  • Cancel or change your policy amount anytime.
Start saving with a Spartan Ives Wealth Future Save account from just $99
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