Invest and Save in South African Rands

Whatever your goals are, we have a product that can help you achieve them.

Get the best out of fixed term investing with Spartan Ives Wealth by opening a Spartan Ives Wealth fixed term investment account with a once-off minimum investment starting from just R10000 and safely grow your funds without the risk of losing your capital. 

Wondering Why A Fixed Term Account?

Do you have goals or plans that need you to save and be financially stable by a certain time?, or maybe you are just looking for an alternative way to grow your money with the risks involved with things such as online trading, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies, or you have just realized that you can not really grow your money or gain any substantial interest  if you keep your money saved in your local bank’s savings account?. Whatever the case may be you have come to the right place.

Spartan Ives Wealth’s Fixed Term investment account  gives you the best of both worlds one one hand you have the benefits, growth and interest rates of an investment account and the safety of a savings account.

Invest Your Way

Starting from as little as R20000 you can open a Spartan Ives Wealth Fixed Term account and save the way you want.

This is a capital preservation account that earns you a fixed interest rate  per month based on your selected term regardless of Spartan Ives Wealth overall performance.

We offer fixed term investment accounts from 12 months.

  • Invest any amount you want from just R20000.
  • Select the fixed term you want starting from 12 months.
  • Withdraw your funds anytime you want with a 30 day liquidity notice.
  • Earn an impressive monthly interest of 15% plus our triennial match bonus that automatically tops up your investment account with the exact amount of money you invested when you first opened your account. 
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you are part of more than 100 000 fixed term account holders worldwide.
  • Welcome bonuses are once off and only apply to your first deposit, these bonuses are term based and will only be credited to your account when you reach each milestone( Term), they only apply to one fixed term account per person.
Fixed Monthly Interest: Grow your capital with Spartan Ives Wealth guaranteed fixed monthly interest rate of 10% each month.

How It Works


Open your account using the button below, select the amount you want to invest, set the term and hit submit.


Will create your account and you a prompt to fund your account depending on the investment amount, you can fund your account online or via bank transfer.


Once you account is funded it will run as stipulated until the maturity date as per your selection, from here you will receive your capital plus interest or a pay out based on your profile settings.

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